Affordable Style Hacks

Affordable Style Hacks


Looking stylish and on-trend does not have to mean draining your bank account. With a few clever shopping strategies and fashion hacks, you can stay fashionably frugal. To that end, here are some affordable style tips to elevate your wardrobe without breaking the budget.

Build a Base With Staples

The key to an affordable yet modern wardrobe is investing first in high-quality staple pieces that never go out of style; think plain tees, button-downs, dark jeans, black pants, basic sweaters, and jackets in neutral shades. Buy well-made versions of these closet workhorses to mix and match year-round.

Once you have built that solid foundation, you can economize by accenting your outfits with trendier pieces scooped up for cheap from discount stores and fast fashion retailers. Trendy clothes tend to have shorter lifespans anyway before looking dated. Let accessories and accent items provide that fashionable edge.

Shop Discount and Thrift Stores

Speaking of discount retailers, never overlook places like overstock stores, outlets, thrift shops and consignment boutiques when hunting for stylish steals. You can often find gently used, pristine designer and brand-name pieces for a fraction of their original prices.

The same goes for accessories like shoes, handbags, and jewelry; a little polish and TLC can give secondhand gems new life in your wardrobe rotation. Cruise these types of discount spots regularly and always keep an eagle eye out for valuable branded scores you can snag for a steal.

Maximize Coupons and Cash-Back Apps

These days, before ever checking out with any online or in-store purchase, you should first see if you can stack coupons, promo codes and cash-back offers to maximize your savings. Browsing without searching for valid discounts is throwing money away.

Dedicated coupon sites help you quickly identify current deals on products you are eyeing. You can also earn cash-back rewards by routing your purchases through rebate apps and browser extensions. A little strategic planning can easily shave 20-30% off your total costs.

Find Dupes for Designer Labels

If you cannot afford authentic designer and brand-name items for your wardrobe or accessory splurges, that’s totally okay. You can find surprisingly affordable dupes and lookalikes that capture the same style and quality aesthetics for much less.

According to the people over at Olympic Eyewear, distributor of wholesale sunglasses, fast fashion chains have mastered replicating premium designer clothing, handbag, shoe, and accessory trends like sunglasses at steeply discounted prices. For example, rather than dropping hundreds on luxury shades, choose fashionable discount sunglasses delivering that same recognizable premium vibe.

DIY and Alter for Custom Looks

Part of owning standout personal style is also mastering creative, custom touches that make your outfits uniquely you. DIY hobbies like sewing, dyeing, and crafting allow you to tailor inexpensive basics into one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

You can hem pants, distress denim, tie-dye shirts, add patches or embellishments; the customization opportunities are endless. Learning to alter and tweak off-the-rack finds saves a ton versus ordering pricey bespoke items. Those DIY touches develop your distinctive style identity.

Get Thrifty With Makeup/Beauty

When it comes to makeup and beauty, you do not need to spend a fortune on high-end products from fancy department store counters and beauty boutiques to look glam. Wallet-friendly drugstore and discount makeup brands have elevated their quality immensely in recent years.

Scout for sales, clip coupons and scope out affordable pro makeup lines online and at beauty superstores. You will unlock shockingly high-performance yet inexpensive makeup, hair, skincare and accessory finds for a fraction of luxury pricing.


With a smart mix of these budget-savvy fashion hacks and strategic shopping tricks, you will unlock endless possibilities for accessibly chic, modern style.

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