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The ideal facial routine for perfect skin: Layering


The first essential thing is to have clean hands . The hands show a high rate of bacterial contamination. So washing the handcuffs.

1. Whether you wear makeup or not, the first step is going to be to remove your makeup .

You can use a vegetable oil (we all like that of Jojoba ), a cleansing oil , a milk , a micellar water , a lotion regardless of when the composition is right (no need to check at Wonder Green family all the products are good compositions).

With or without make-up, it is therefore mandatory to remove make-up.

Why? Because even without makeup, your face has been in contact with dust , dirt , etc. The make-up removal will allow the skin to be thoroughly unclogged .


After removing make-up from your face, you should wash it with a mild soap , suitable for your skin type. Either directly at the sink or in the shower.

You really have to be careful with the products you use, because the primary function of the skin is to protect you . If she feels attacked, she will overproduce sebum and many skin types cannot tolerate this kind of attack at all .

The skin is a reacting organ , so I really insist on not attacking it and using the right products .

The fact of using aggressive products will also refine your skin, which will cause premature aging and a decrease in the protective function, allowing other substances harmful to you to pass through.


After lightly drying your face after showering or after cleaning at the sink, spray your face with hydrosol or floral water .

Leave to act for a few seconds, you can also massage to make the molecules of the hydrosol penetrate well .

This part will tone and purify your skin.

If you want to know everything about hydrosols, it’s here.


The skin around the eyes is much thinner , but above all it is a very busy part of the face with your daily expressions.

When you apply your eye contour treatment , it is not necessary to apply it to the edge of the eye.

Apply the treatment to the bone you feel under the eye then tap lightly from the bridge of the nose to the outside of the eye.

This massage will stimulate the circulation blood while capturing the ingredients of care.


Hydration is always done before nutrition .

If you feel that your skin is tight , that it is dehydrated , it is a lack of water .

(So ​​no bathing or putting water on your face will not hydrate it. (Besides, never let water dry on your face or your hair, after a bath or the like, because it dries out more) .

All skin types can be dehydrated.

Of course you will have to hydrate as much from the outside as from the inside (so drink water).

The lack of hydration can also be due to a lack of nutrition , we talk about it later.

You will therefore have to use in this step everything that is aqueous serum , based on Aloe vera , hyaluronic acid etc.


And to seal this hydration, comes the stage of nutrition , essential fatty acids .

They will help maintain hydration of the dermis and prevent water evaporation by creating a skin barrier . They will also bring suppleness and comfort to the skin.

It is thanks to these fatty acids that your tan will last, that your wrinkles will not widen further, etc.

And for the choice, you can use one or more by mixing them in the palm of your hand.

And the essential key step: THE MASSAGE

To penetrate the oil but also to stimulate blood circulation.

The massage is always done from the inside to the outside of the face and from the bottom to the top.

You can use your hands or a gua sha.

Do not hesitate to also consume them in your daily diet. Raw vegetable oils from olive, walnut, rapeseed, grapes, etc. are ideal in your dishes. The ideal is the equivalent of a spoon per day.

You can also use a cream in which one of the first three ingredients is an oil or a butter.


Exfoliate your face at least twice a week to remove dead skin and toxins in depth. You can use organic coffee grounds mixed with oil or Aloe Vera or ready-to-use scrubs .

And to rebalance the skin and provide it with trace elements, you will have to do one mask per week .


In the morning, you will skip the makeup removal and possibly cleansing step.

Indeed, normal or dry skin can directly go to the hydrosol stage (or floral water, or tonic) which will wake up the skin and remove the impurities of the night.

If you feel the need to wash it, use as little soap as possible and pat your face well to dry it.

After the hydrosol, apply your serum and either a day cream or a drop of your oil.

The massage step is also very important in the morning, it will open your eyes , stimulate blood circulation and wake up your skin.

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