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Reasons You Should Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry


When shopping for your jewelry, you look for something outstanding that will bring out your personality without much effort. One of the best precious metals you can use to achieve this is sterling silver.

Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other alloy metals. The other alloy metals like copper help strengthen the jewelry as fine silver is softer. Here is why you should choose sterling silver as your best jewelry.

It’s Highly Versatile

When you want jewelry that won’t limit you consider sterling silver. It’s gray, so you can match it with other colors easily.

You can put on a white dress and pair it with your sterling silvery necklace. You will also not get it wrong when you gift silver jewelry to an older or younger person.

Furthermore, sterling silver is ideal for both genders and suits any occasion giving you a chance to achieve the desired look.

It’s Hypoallergenic

Another reason you should consider jewelry made of sterling silver is its hypoallergenic nature. Most allergic people suffer because of wrong jewelry choices, which sometimes cost them lots of money to treat.

For example, brass is popular for causing swelling and redness in people’s bodies. However, sterling silver which contains more than 90% silver, doesn’t react with the skin.

It’s Customizable

Customizing sterling silver jewelry(bijoux argent sterling qualité) is possible because it’s easier to work and play about with. It’s moldable and not hard, allowing the designers to craft unique pieces.

You can request an engraved sterling silver ring for your fiancé. Getting your child’s birthstone on a necklace is also possible with this metal.

This feature allows designers and artists to be more creative while the customers get what they like. And since it’s affordable, you can have several customized pieces of jewelry that are great for any occasion.

Stronger and Lighter

Whenever you buy jewelry, it’s because you like it and want it to serve you for the longest time possible. This is why sterling silver should be your preferred choice, as it’s considered stronger than pure silver, making it last longer.

The metal is durable because it comprises copper and silver features. You can wear your sterling silver jewelry daily without it getting worn out.

Your children will get a chance to inherit your silver jewelry in its original shape when you maintain it well as it’s durable. Moreover, it’s lightweight, making it your favorite to-go jewelry.

It’s Easy to Maintain

You will love this jewelry because it’s easy to maintain. All you need to do is wear your sterling silver necklace or ring daily to keep it in perfect shape.

When you wear the jewelry, the oil on your skin will help wash the metal, having it shiny as it should.

If it turns dull by bad luck, you can restore its original sheen easily. Use varnish and a clean cloth to make your dull sterling silver bangle or necklace sparkling.

This will make you love sterling silver because you’ll maintain its beauty and prolong its durability giving you value for your money.

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